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Fidget Spinner Connector

Fidget Spinner Connector

Fidget Spinner Connector Rating:
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Eligible For Free Shipping

Fidget Spinner Connector - Product Description

Exclusive Updated Design by KOMVOX

1. Newest and Best Balance System
The best balanced system has Three Counterweight bodies with exact same weight are made of Meteorite-like aluminium alloy can spin longer and more stable!

2. Unique Design
Slim body with Trilobed structure and unique Counterweight design provide the player with excellent hand feeling and equilibrium sense.

3. Reinforce Bearing groove Design
Built-in style bearing groove made of stainless steel, plus 100% sealed bearing box (comes with self-lubricating system) improved the spinning time which up to 3.5 mins and passed 3,000 times drop test to prevent bearing cracking from falling off!

4. More pleasure
With the small rounded spinning socket (on the middle of the bearing lid) and removable bearing lid, you can discover more ways to play!

Fidget Spinner Connector - Details

  • - Exclusive design for TiMi Tree Spinners. Challenge High-Level Spinning with simply attach one piece !
  • - Aluminum Alloy Body, solid and stable connector, the best Pro Kit for spinner funs!
  • - One Core can add One more Spinner, Screw in to connect with each center ball bearing shaft (Tear down Bearing Gap).
  • - Aviation aluminum (lighter than metal and stronger than 3d-printing) applied to make better "magnetic resonance" with human body magnetic field. More effectively reduce high-pressure, ADHD, ADD, Autism Adult Children. -
  • - Exclusive Appearance and Designer Patent Holder (TiMi Tree - US Registered Trade Mark) 100% Quality Guaranteed. It definitely is the Best Fidget Toy in 2017!!

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